@reconbot @jef @ummjackson

You're missing a queue! `-q pull` or federation will not work properly.

@ceejbot will this cause some of the replies in a thread to not show up? I'll show you what I mean, hang on. It affects this thread for me on maly.io @reconbot @jef @ummjackson@mastodon.social

@ummjackson@mastodon.social @jef @reconbot @ceejbot right so this is the end of the thread for me -- even though I've now replied! but to a post not in the thread. (Got to it by the external thread display, copy, paste, search.) Even though I've done this the rest of the thread still isn't displaying. maly.io/media/g7jo4kprDnYOzxXK cc @KindlyFire, we need to find out if this is a universal Mastadon bug or a config thing, and how widespread

@KindlyFire @ceejbot @five the little research that I have done into highly latent distributed Networks makes me want to ensure we can have a good experience even if it's super latent

But mainly I think my Android app needs to have local queues for requests and messages


@reconbot Definitely. Moving in and out of connectivity, all sorts of stuff. It's early days. In a couple years we'll be at OStatus 2.0 and there'll be unofficial working groups :grin: @KindlyFire @ceejbot

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