So yeah, finishing the topic of What To Call It:

@rustyk5 's suggestion of The Social Web is a million times better than Fediverse, OStatus network etc, and a billion times better than anything with "GNU" in it

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Oh Remember, if you server hop you refresh your connection for a new mastodon instance:

@maradydd So a Sapir, a Whorf, a Milgram and an Orwell walk into a bar where the only way to communicate is in short ideologically-aligned grunts...

I'm just happy nobody seems to be discussing the news now

@mala @anildash @sarahjeong
"how do I solve Identity on the web?"
"I know, lets use Public Key cryptography"
"Now you have a Directed Acyclic Graph of problems"

The CW feature is awesome. Love that it exists. But I swear to god I'm about to need CWs for toots about CWs if this keeps up, there are as many toots arguing about CWs on here as there are Trump-themed tweets on birdsite. Pls stop, talk about *anything else* I beg you

For #ff #followfriday, follow everyone who boosts this
but don't follow me
that'd be a toot daft

Jack Dorsey held the relic in his hands.

"I wish for @anildash to have less than 200 followers."

The mastodon's paw curled.

When I saw this gag I kinda thought The Office had jumped the shark a bit. Over the top even for Michael. But I guess among 7 billion humans, one was bound to do it sooner or later

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Embrace of a devil is a last, desperate act of hope that there may be a god.

IoT Goes Nuclear: Creating a ZigBee Chain Reaction

E. Ronen et al.

In this paper we describe a new type of threat in which adjacent IoT devices will infect each other with a worm that will spread explosively over large areas in a kind of nuclear chain reaction, provided that the density of compatible IoT devices exceeds a certain critical mass. In particular, we developed and verified such an infection using the popular Philips Hue smart
lamps as a platform.

A Terrorist-fraud Resistant and Extractor-free Anonymous Distance-bounding Protocol

Gildas Avoine et al.

[…]In this paper, we propose a novel approach to obtain provable terrorist-fraud resistant protocols without assuming that provers have any long-term secret key. Instead, the attacker simply has to replay the information that he has received from his accomplice.[…]

@TheGibson Most of my followers don't connect things like this:
(planned to hand out stickers)

With this:
(Ran around Shenzhen's largest tourist attraction half naked shouting at the crowds about Chinese women not being included at a tech event.)

My talk of "inclusion" could piss off the wrong people at anytime. That's not hurt feelings- that's detention.

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