Went to take a nap for a half hour because my lead swore there would be things to do by now. Come back, still nothing, and they've run off to a meeting. We have five high priority projects we needed to upload by next Monday, guess we won't be now.

It's just that I'm annoyed that I can see the shell for the projects there. Yet she waited to the last minute to build out projects and also allowed another team member to slow things down by not following up. Now I have nothing to do today...

Hanging out with my roomie's dog, who is lightly sleeping at the foot of the bed. I imagine he had a long day of being a 2-year-old puppy -- full of eating questionable things, shitting outside, and destroying TV remotes again. He is not my dog, but he is a good dog, even when he is a not so good dog.

His nose twitches when he hears the sound of my roomie's car horn outside the window. He slowly stirs. I will miss him when I'm gone.

Was McCain attempting to insinuate that Hillary had the Russians hack her own emails or whatever? I can't understand senile nonsense.

Staffing agency says they don't have anything on the other end for me and that it's still early, since I won't be in the area till August. Still haven't heard dick from the places I've applied. Getting down to the wire and I'm nervous.

What are y'alls recommendations for getting around hiring robots/trying to break into a new job market?

I need someone to write a Medium piece on why Baby Boomers are destroying this country. It's about time, let's be real, given how much they love to vilify everyone else.

Trying to expose them as the reactionary idiots they are.

Bye bye, 👻
Don't txt me no more cause we thru
Ain't got time to waste
I need to get outta dis place
Tryina follow behind
Yo ass must be blind
Cause I promise y'all I'll outshine ya

It's hotter than Hell and I'm in a low level bad mood about shit. It'd be nice if people would stop wasting my fucking time by not getting their shit together. Not asking for much, just that it's together/able to be put together.

Anyway, here's a good track:

I just can't even with this Reality Winner shit. What even is this stupid timeline? When can we restart the simulation?

Been doing this 5-minute plank challenge with some coworkers. Yesterday, hit a whole minute plank. It's a small thing, but in the grand scheme of everything going on in my life, it feels like a huge accomplishment.

Last night, the dog walker that my roomies hired walked in on me making dinner in my underwear. She then proceeded to strike up a five minute conversation with me about dogs, I think out of embarrassment. She left, I went about finishing dinner, and then she came back.

Apparently the sight of my ass was so amazing that she forgot her keys and also needed to come back and check my ass out.

Going from stressing out, to disowning family, and then back to the regular grind is incredibly headtrippy. My life is finally my own, and that feels amazing and natural, it's the life continuing on part that's difficult. Kind of just want to sit for a moment and appreciate just where I'm at today.

Even though I'm an adult, if I ghost on my parents do I still get to be considered a runaway? Especially if I'm planning on moving somewhere else as soon as feasible?

...idk I just loved runaway adventure stories as a kid...

I now own a vehicle. I was kind of had on it, but whatever, I panicked a little. At least I didn't buy any of their other shit that I don't need, so it feels like an incredible win. It's my first car, can't do everything perfectly.

I'm gonna do like 60 victory laps in the business complex

So, I ran the numbers last night and discovered that my mom is flat out lying to me. We bought a car in her name two years ago for 12k. In Feb of this year she tells me that we still owe 11k on the car. She was supposed to have put 2k down on the car. Even if she didn't, there's no way we'd still owe 11k at this point.

I'm pretty fucking pissed. It's no wonder she wasn't giving me updated numbers. This is bullshit and I'm going to call her fucking bluff.

Okay, buying a car today, wish me luck byeeee~!

Profiling is wrong. At least that's what they tell me when I'm getting patted down at the airport.

An interesting phenomena:
I used to cry all the time when I was stressed or frustrated. In the last year, the last time I cried in frustration was on the roadtrip I took almost exactly a year ago.
Since then, it appears I can only cry when grateful, happy, or at peace with something. It's a confusing situation, but I'm glad things have turned this way.

Actually feel okay enough to go deal with dealership hacks and test drive some cars. Excellent.

Garden update:
-Carlos the Cactus has a couple fat buds hanging out on him
-(???) the Aloe has another baby shoot growing out the middle. Think it's finally established in the pot
-Maddy the Lily has sprouted! It is the most proud I have ever been about a growing thing

Pictures when the light is better tomorrow

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