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I added all the nodes with more then one user to the mastodon network node and now it looks vary lopsided.

Okay, now that a few friends-of have been notified, please help boost so folks who weren't able to get on maly.io and other free speech Masto instances before they hit capacity know that the awesome freehold.earth is now open. :D

I guess I screwed up by not putting my behind a CW. Sorry about that

''Home to 999,999,999,999,999 users who authored -1 statuses' m.ian.sh/about/more

Current Mastodon stats!

99,697 users across 224 instances (206 are UP)

Top 10 instances by # of users:
mastodon.social (41,703)
mastodon.cloud (7,724)
social.tchncs.de (6,057)
mastodon.xyz (5,627)
octodon.social (4,368)
social.targaryen.house (4,242)
social.lou.lt (3,367)
memetastic.space (2,287)
mastodon.cx (1,960)
mastodon.network (1,717)

via instances.mastodon.xyz

Seriously though guys, please share this article:Β https://robek.world/featured/what-is-gnu-social-and-is-mastodon-social-a-twitter-clone/

It's a really good primer both on what the federation is, and the history of this network.
So the mastodon.social privacy policy is ok, but if I were the maintainer I'd avoid recording any IP addresses. One thing to consider is that when you're a meganode both state and non-state organisations will become interested in your logs and will try to obtain them either explicitly, with goons showing up and making threats, or also less explicitly with implants and exfiltration or NSLs and gagging orders. If you don't record IPs then in the worst case there's not much that third parties can get.

Another factor to consider is that the demographic of fediverse folks probably includes a higher proportion of non-normative views and lifestyles than you might find in the silos. These non-normative people are precisely the groups which the really bad guys always seek to target. So as maintainer you should be concerned with your user's interests and practice metadata minimization which can limit any potential damage.

@acw don't forget to pineapple in French as we are coming into that hour

My dear friend @way created tooter.today/ to help people pick a Mastodon instance that suits them!

@KindlyFire can I ask you about the privacy policy?

neo-situationist fisting with syndicalist tendencies

Feature idea: have a tab for popular conversations currently going on across the fediverse

@acw is the most dedicated :pineapple:er i have ever seen