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@kragen I'm setting up bubbleos on Debian to try out uncorp, and the INSTALL instructions fell a little short:
1. s/libpng12-dev/libpng-dev/
2. needed libjpeg
3. didn't mention needing node
(This is where I am now, node not yet installed just because of a little ugh field around node)

I just posted some ideas for implementation on, including thoughts on programmable self-reproducing robots, quasimodal multitouch interfaces, cheap cooling vests, the Magic Kazoo, the Egg of the Phoenix, Loyal Objects, graded-index optical systems, Speedy Delivery, autism-assistive hearing aids, Leconscrip, a non-Turing-complete scriptable Wercam GUI, PEG-based DOMification, and a planispheric conformal map app for your phone.

I just set up to try another decentralized social networking thingy. Right now you can find me as abecedarius on ", run by DavidW" listed at -- longer term, we'll see.

@kragen btw did you know Feynman gave a followup talk to "Plenty of room at the bottom" also in the 80s? I sure didn't.

This is a test of a new toot not mentioning anyone -- let's see if it's visible to him.

According to @kragen most of my toots are not visible even though all of them are public according to my Settings. The one he did see was a direct reply to him. Any idea of what I'm missing?

just reminded of my old abecedarius with the line "J is for Java left under the Sun."
funny how a changing world recontextualizes your art

otoh a spring morning here in pasadena can offer one of the simulators' more obvious japes:
the sky a saturated blue grading down to mountains just out of reach but flat, faded in haze
behind you, a campus of simulated scientists studying nature

mostly the sky looks flat
tonight a crescent moon rode near enough to venus and the ghost of the sunset to evoke the 3-d arrangement, their plane at a slant to my own vector
you feel just a little like falling off this ball and joining those

bedbug therapy fosters zealous housekeeping habits
ask your doctor if it's right for you

complex analysis was a straussian misdirection from the simple truth: every real function is analytic

actually political parties should not be suppressed
their presence is a sensitive signal of a dysfunctional culture of governance

ok so what if i use this account for my edgy thought of the day
we're doing subtraction backwards


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