@shapr *nod* I guess two dimensions are enough for hue, if your pressure on the nib is the third dimension

@shapr it'd be neat to have some kind of continuous color-bend control

@shapr my connection to libera.chat is having trouble existing

@shapr I hope my comments got through. I wrote around a dozen lines and ended with a "see you next week" but didn't see any responses after your first one.

@shapr oops
I looked up a list of the biggest irc networks to try to remind myself, but didn't see that on the list.
Just went onto irc now.

@shapr I'm trying to irc over the web, but not reaching you. Wasn't your channel on efnet?

@shapr my guess is it isn't a date, it's cyrillic that only looks like OCT

@shapr sort of hammingesque followup question: are you reading any of those books now?

@brainwane Back in the 90s I used to crunch weekly stats on leading talkers in on IRC, for a few weeks. Mildly amusing.

@shapr I used to use an Android watch with open-source Gadgetbridge

@Lambdanaut @neauoire @akkartik Someone once showed me their setup which added one pair of () around their terminal commands by default.

@shapr so we need to: capture keystroke timings; evaluate how well different layout models match, and pick the best; train layout models from data; gather data for training.
(Listing to-dos in sort of dependency order.)

@shapr I just meant the entropy from this process is probably much lower than diceware's. Might be hard to estimate.

Someone starting on another capability-based OS and language, prototyping on seL4 and C#: xoofx.com/blog/2020/03/05/star
(I haven't read further.)

@kragen OK, touché, I've noticed that not believing my projects could realistically get uptake was self-fulfilling earlier in my career. I'll try to adjust my attitude.

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