A crystalline hand within my silent lions.
The laughing murder of her laughing universe.
Humble earth of the corrupted monster.
The unspeakable thistle of the valiant heart.
My stony bullet beneath her vast light.
The sandy lion of a fallen, smooth place.
The secret flies of their burning raven.
A peaceful terrace of her beautiful angels.
The fallen knowledge of my fiery ship.
The magical handmaid within the porcelain horse.
Countless deformed priests of her glass blood.

@abecedarius Ooh, this could be interesting! Also, was the CMU Pronouncing Dictonary what you used for prosody in Trurl's Electronic Bard? The other night I did canonical.org/~kragen/sw/dev3/ after discovering that eSpeak is actually pretty reliable these days and made up a quick pronouncing dictionary with it, but a more reliable dictionary would make it work better. Last night I was also trying to figure out how to get internal rhyming to work (cf. Eminem's Without Me)

@kragen Good idea with the minpairsets! Yes, I used the CMU; I'll bet eSpeak or some such is a better start now.
But my rhyme/meter code may be helpful; don't think I've seen better elsewhere, though it's necessarily conservative. It ignores word boundaries, so internal rhymes shouldn't be hard?

@kragen I wonder what happens if you train a neural network poet on phonetics instead of text. Or I guess give it both.

@kragen P.S. I've been working on my español a little, although it's obviously too late for the eclipse.

@abecedarius I suspect eSpeak is less reliable than the CMU pronouncing dictionary. Ignoring word boundaries is probably a good idea, but reproducing family rhymes like this also needs some kind of fuzzier rhyme matching:

ɐtˈɛnʃən plˈiːz
fˈiːl ðə tˈɛnʃən sˈuːn æz sˈʌmwʌn mˈɛnʃənz mˌiː
hˈɪɹz maɪ tˈɛn sˈɛnts
maɪ tˈuː sˈɛnts ɪz fɹˈiː
ɐ njˈuːsəns
hˌuː sˈɛnt
juː sˈɛnt fɔːɹ mˌiː

@kragen Yeah, when I said my rhyming was relatively good I didn't mean it shouldn't be easy to improve on.

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