/e/OS supports 5 new phone models: the LG V20, Sony Xperia Z5 Compact & XZ1 Compact, Nextbit Robin and ZUK Z1.

Find all the info on each device in our documentation and switch to /e/OS!

#DevBuild #privacy #opensource #yourdataisyourdata

The LeEco Le Pro3 / Le Pro3 Elite is the latest phone model to get an #Android upgrade in /e/OS and move to Q.

All the info on how to get /e/OS for this device can be found here:

#DevBuild #privacy #opensource #yourdataisYOURdata

Hey Guys, I just posted my first video over on
! The video streaming platform backed up by LBRY. I am a , or shall I say Odyseer?!
Go check it out! Like, comment and share please <3 <3

Have you heard of ? It runs with the base of and technology to deliver video streaming platform similar to .

Linode posted a tweet with tools to help trubleshooting and configuring Linux network systems!

@e_mydata Where do your smartphones ship from? More precisely the Galaxy S9+?

@Mitsu Hell is way nicer they dont reject anyone nd isnt like they say

Today's #Minecraft: Penzance Station on the L11 Subway. Variations from standard plan: Pink mosaic roof and abandoned mine at the back instead of a surface stairway.

Join an alternative to now!
OpenBook which runs with OpenSource social network is a free of censorship social network for everyone.

I'm gonna play some Meow of Duty :blobcatgiggle: If you like you can see me get my ass kicked here!

This toot was not brought to you by Squarespace. Or Skillshare.

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