I think that today after work I'm going to re-do my ! I have atm but its going to be replaced with Harvester . Thinking in having , either or Yacy, a private and maybe a instance!

CudaText: Open-source, cross-platform text editor, written in Lazarus - github.com/Alexey-T/CudaText

We're searching for qualified candidates for our open Executive Director position! Check out our announcement for more details on who we're looking for, the full job description, and how to apply:

Think you're a great fit? Send us an application today! Know someone else who's perfect? Share the link!

#GNOME #OpenSource #OpenPosition #Remote

@pixelfed I've heard that a new TikTok like fediverse thingy is in development. Can anybody send the link or name of it?

KDE is supporting #NestwithFedora! #Fedora's annual contributor conference will be held online from Thursday August 4th and run until Saturday August 6th.


Find out about everything going on at Fedora and register now!:


#Microsoft is updating their terms of service again. They are now going to start blocking contents of your email based on what you say or upload.
The terms take effect August 15, 2022.

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