Hello mastodon, but more precisely #YunoHost users (or interested people),

I'm exploring the idea of making a survey on YunoHost to have a better understand on who use it and why and what is important to you and what to improve/already works.

For that, it would be great if you could help me by answering some questions so I can put better questions/more options in the survey :)

I'm going to do 1 toot per question, but let's start with the first one: can you tell me why you are using #YunoHost?


Can you tell me what are the most common kind of bug you get in #YunoHost? (like "failing to update applications", "configuring domain" etc...)


Can you tell me what are the things you find hard to do in #YunoHost? (like "configuring a domain")


Can you tell me what are the part you think we should improve in #YunoHost? (like "easier admin", "inline documentation", "easier to debug" etc...)


Can you explain me a bit how you are using #YunoHost? Like "for myself for some apps" "for emails" "for a group of ppl"


Je l'utilise pour de l'auto-hébergement sur un petit raspberry pi. Pour mon utilisation personnelle, surtout pour Nextcloud, les e-mails et le filtrage du réseau avec Pi-hole.

Avec mes maigres connaissances, il me serait très difficile de mettre tout ça en place sans Yunohost et surtout cela me prendrait beaucoup de temps et d’efforts et certainement sans avoir la certitude d'avoir bien fait les choses ^^
J'adore ce projet et les possibilités qu'il offre au plus grand nombre. ❤️

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