The white zone is for the immediate loading and unloading of passengers only.

There is no stopping in the red zone.

The 'right to repair' movement is getting some traction in a few states

I very much encourage this as a matter of course; having a legal precedent to reinforce my right to do as I please with the hardware I purchase is helpful.

Problem: all my cheap quads are too weak to safely fly in wind.

Solution: buy more cheap quads and tape them together.

I have one of the worst migraines I've had in a while, and I'm supposed to take the wife to a 3D movie in an hour. YAY... :(

if i had a death note it'd be fullof people who reply to tech support threads for software and hardware with "i don't know what your problem is it works fine for me"


I opened up .social registrations for a short while. I think we can handle a couple more at this point~

So I just had an answer given to me and that really isn't a good answer. The question was "If another instance lets you have more typing area than another one what happens when the longer post hits the shorter area." The answer is it keeps it's length without any shortening. So a post is like 4x the Federated timeline length currently, I have a feeling this could and will be abused in the future.

Ok everyone have a good night, I'm going to go attack the pillow with my face until one of us wins and I go to sleep.

just found out you can't copy text in Tusky, well then!

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:
1) pyrokinesis
2) bioluminescence
3) omnipresence
4) eyebeams
5) pine scent
6) robot arm
7) gills

An interesting point was made by @Danhon :

Most of us have been assuming corporate instances would be private, for those associated with that entity only.

@Danhon suggested that another way corporate instances could be seen is as corporate-SPONSORED instances, where a corp funded an instance tied to an interest matching their customer base, paying for instance staff, etc.

Possibly an entirely new one, or attempts to acquire an existing one, or both.


Can anyone running a Mastodon instance WITHOUT Docker give me an idea of what your current CPU/RAM/storage resources are, whether you are bare metal or on a VPS, and what you estimate your user capacity to be given that configuration?

I'm trying to get a general feel for how resource greedy this thing is.

Hey, you there, on the instance.
I think you should put your money where your mouth is and support your server. Only a few of you with $1 each will do.
Help your admin.

end of message.

Mastodon: *paints beautiful wall mural*

Twitter: Who's gonna buy that? You can't even transport it?

Mastodon: *does an elaborate interpretive dance in front of the mural*

Twitter: Wait, is that part of the art?

Mastodon: *group meditation chanting "awooo"*

Twitter: Ok but how do you monetize?

Mastodon: *stretch*

Twitter: ...?

Mastodon: *a thousand voices sing a hymn to diversity as a million weirdos dance*

Twitter: We're, uh... we're going home now...

Mastodon: *builds space ship*

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