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*90 hours into Crusader Kings 3 & chill*
there's a mass action button for prisoners

80 hours into Crusader Kings 3, and I gotta say
I'm ready for the DLC

Past me: it's difficult to find people to grant titles to
Present me: did you know that there is a button literally titled "grant to", which lists everyone you can give the title to?

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dresden files, the minorest of spoilers 

I want my lab back
move your stuff

update on the library situation:
for some unspecified reason, I can now log in as a member of the public. for an equally unspecified reason, I also have access through the academic paywall to 2024

...seems legit, I will not question this state of things

for a moment, I wondered how to best listen to the new Dresden File, but then I remembered listening through the first fourteen books whilst playing Torchlight 2, so that's what I'mma do

Assignment:what do you think about this book?
Me: it is a very kantian book, although it does not describe itself as such. lemme take this here detour through the Critique of pure reason,

" - Allow left mouse drag in dynasty tree"

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" - Inheritance succession can now go up to 6 generations upwards to find a distant relative rather than just 3"

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aight, once this here neighboring jarl is at peace, I can diplovassalize them
*they instantly get into no less than six different wars*

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*days later*
if you lower the graphics settings, you can significantly reduce the amount of fan spinning
it went from 78C to 65C on my poor, outdated 980TI

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then again, my expectations are from the civ thesis, where I had more references than the rest of my peers combined

it was a mood

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I'm reading other student theses, to calibrate my expectations for my own, and
they seem to be slightly less comprehensive than I was led to expect

so uh
I just
logged in to my university library account, and used it to access through the academic paywall??

this seems less than intended, somehow

the local cinema shows Akira
a time
and that time is today
in two hours
...I should go

the student login
I managed to hack it by using a shibboleth url stored in memory
I should not be able to do that

tfw you read something that implies that you're gonna have to do a lot of work, and then read up on it, and the amount of work piles up, and you then read something that unequivocally frees you from all of that

dat sweet sweet dopamine rush, babey

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