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Sargoth (livestream aspect)

we went for a night burg
'tis a communal thing now

I did all the things
with time to spare
and people won't show up for some time yet

I did a thing, so now there's three things left to do

this is some non-linear arithmetics going on right here

there's only like three things left to do, and I've got hours to spare

I might be able to prepare for seeing (a fraction of) those Pink Floyds live tomorrow

to be sure, my assessment was that the number of things were not too great, and that I'd have plenty of time to do 'em

and I was right

past me, you really shoulda done all these things yesterday

I also fully support your decision to play DOOM all day instead. it was the correct course of action

I do love how everything conspires to become what a TV series would make up in order to create the impression of the most video game video game there ever was. Embrace the stereotype and power fist right on through to the other side

So here's what you got to do. Now that you've seen the Helix Stone, you have to go back into Hell, into the Titan's Realm, to reclaim the Crucible, so you can shut down the Well that powers the great portal. To get there, you have to unleash vast quantities of Argent energy, which you can do by slaying the Cyber Demon

it's friday
I have to do human being stuff
*stares at stuff*
welp, nothing to it

I am ever so slightly in the mood to relisten to the WOFF episode about DOOM

uppercase words

@Stephen_Stone he's mad as hell, and he's never taken anything whatsoever for thousands upon thousands of years

"but what about Duke Nukem?"
ah yes
the biggest monument to the glory of not being a boy in early adolescence there ever was

someone, somewhere, has written about the different trajectories DOOM and Wolfenstein took in their modern iterations, and I should probably read it

Wolfenstein somehow became a deep ponder about the introspective psychology of someone whose only verb is GUN, and DOOM went all in on the total lack of introspection whatsoever

I did it
I beat the game
and, given that the game was DOOM, I also did other things to it beyond beating it. possibly with chainsaws

would fling myself into the maw of hell only to punch it from the inside again

I wonder
since there's only A Level of DOOM left, could I power fist through it before tomorrow?

let's find out

the funny thing about this update is that they did not, in fact, raise the 140 char limit