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Sargoth (livestream aspect)

now is ten years since I got this haircut
it's also ten years since I got this phone

now is a time of anniversaries

part of the underlying logic of the loyalty bloc is the inherent assumption of/in Civ games that civs/factions are a perfectly coordinated & organized political entities

but now I'm spoiling tomorrow's inevitable conclusion

part of the strangeness has to do with it being quantitative methodology (cat is short for category) and me not knowing said methodology

a bigger part is the underlying assumption that we can solve social science by ironing out the theoretical kinks of abstract methodology

the last vestige of a pre-postmodern mindset

a chapter entitled "catnets"? what could this be?
[it is the most bizarre, alien, science fiction chapter that could possibly be]

the 60s was a strange period of time

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"He barely knows what he's doing, but he's not afraid of including us in it. This is a big step in the growth of a commander"

these books have the darnedest lines in 'em

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I figured it out
there are no civic structures in cities skylines

...hold on
the circuitous bus route
I now realize it's even more circuitous than I thought it was

fractal circuitry

fun trivia:
the application was due 23:59, and I got it in at 23:58

of course, the 23:59 refers to Oct 31, so it's not as close a race as this limited information suggests, but still

some links have sounds effects, and this one

is very loud

@Corvusheart two emotions fill me: gratitude, and a slight worry that familiarity with tax codes means we are officially adult now

Patreon, I'm a foreigner
it makes no sense to ask me to fill out a W9 form

those are for US citizens

so anyway, what was I up to before all that nonsense