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Sargoth (livestream aspect)

*logs in to see if I got in*
*sees mail*
"thank you for applying. results are very much pending"
well then
no news is and are good news

there is a slim, albeit non-zero, possibility that my exile will end this day

since my home will be a construction site for another week or so, and I only logged on the net to do this application

see y'all in a week or so

I just applied for the PhD program in sociology


*uploads master thesis*
*uploads other master thesis*
that felt nice

there is one last detail before turning things in, and my mind is grinding to a halt on it

I suspect it's not the detail causing the grind

I wrote all the documents
now the hardest part is finding out how to turn them in

"write two short pages on why we should hire you"
*deconstructs the entire exercise of giving an account of oneself so as to appear hireable*
it's done mostly on one page
nailed it

*emerges from the deeps*

so anyway, I gots a tattoo and am now writing an application to a PhD program

*submerges again*

today is the dat I go offline for a week
maybe I should like pack or something

that moments in the early morn
the ones before breakfast
that's when they get to you
the feels

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maybe I should boot up my imaginary discord thingy
*remembers that I'm offline most of next week*
oh yeah
that would be a strange way to set the tone

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