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I didn't set out to photo these architectural marvels, but since they were in the area, I did

as I wrote in today's topoi: filling out the blanks in your local mental map is a virtue

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tentaclaws, emerging from the earth, possibly seeking revenge for some ancient and profoundly unholy wrongdoing

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the residential area I walked through is an embodied dream

it is not altogether clear what that dream is, but I endeavor to find out

the big, empty windows are also a big hint

you can look inside, but alas, there is nothing there

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You know which flats are vacated by looking at the doors. The ones that are taped are empty

whilst I'm doing the backuping of pictures:
the pink tree on campus did its thing

this picture amuses me. both as an exercise in composition, and as a semiotic impossibility

follow the instructions, and you find yourself forced to both stop and never move forward ever again

some weeks later, the contrast is increased ever so slightly, whilst the colors still remain within a certain range. you can almost see summer approaching, but not quite yet

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nature around here manages to do a lot of work within a very limited color pallet. it takes a lot of getting used to seeing it as such, tho; for those unaccustomed, it all comes across as a blur of same-same

or, to quote Westworld: doesn't look like anything to me

"mastodon user sargoth, when you say your street is also a trench"
it's true!

ghost town is empty of ghosts; there hasn't yet been enough time for ghosts to settle. so it's all just empty

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