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Sargoth (livestream aspect)

"mastodon user sargoth, when you say your street is also a trench"
it's true!

ghost town is empty of ghosts; there hasn't yet been enough time for ghosts to settle. so it's all just empty

tfw there is absolutely no risk of rain whatsoever

a fun thing about foobar2000 is that its handshake with last dot fm times out after a while, so it just sort of accumulates songs until you restart it. which means that, until you've uploaded the cache, the page still shows whatever it was left showing before the timeout

sometimes, the difference between then and now is smaller than you'd think

Behold, Anaximander, the mostest teenager in the world

also: cat, v silly

Headline: "Skepticism is Necessary in our Post-Truth Age. Postmodernism is Not"
Body: "This content is available to Patrons pledging $3 or more on Patreon"
there is something here
some sort of commentary on the present condition

A rare selfie of me in my brand new red haircut