the other day I went to a new edge of town, and took a photo of it. here is that photo

I went to the mount the other day, and it was suitably pocalyptic

Not pictured: how the light from the windows and swaying streetlamps reflects on the rainwater

I was trying to capture the color of the sky
turns out
cheap cameras ain't' good at that

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since I have the newly imported photo album open:
a snowy tombscape

and then I took this aerial photo of the moon
ice looks weird when in melting mode

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today featured the strangeness of it being seven degrees after it being minus six for a spell, so the wind blew meltwater across the ice. it looked like liquid sand roaming across the frozen surface

I don't know how much of that motion can be seen on this here image, but lemme tell ya:
it was a sight to behold

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it just keeps going like this, row after row after row

one could get claustrophobic for less

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I have been told you are either into this color scheme, or utterly unaffected by it. something about being accustomed to the minute differences between seemingly identical colors, the lack of immediate stimulation becoming stimulating in itself

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I like that there is a well-used footpath, and right next to it is this giga-stairway

the officially designated way is not the only way

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I amuses me that this picture was technically taken within city limits

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