there's a storm outside, and I
I'mma go outside in it

I went out into the storm
it was the correct decision


today featured the strangeness of it being seven degrees after it being minus six for a spell, so the wind blew meltwater across the ice. it looked like liquid sand roaming across the frozen surface

I don't know how much of that motion can be seen on this here image, but lemme tell ya:
it was a sight to behold

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I tested the camera video function, and
it worked
it also outputted things in 90 mb chunks, which I reckon is slightly too lorge for mastodon instances

it looks like it's taken through a muddy window, but
well, it kinda is. the ice serves roughly the same muddy reflective function
only slightly further away than a window

and then I took this aerial photo of the moon
ice looks weird when in melting mode

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