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Sargoth (livestream aspect)

turns out you get a static web page and a free CV review

but just the one, mind

figures, seeing they got what they wanted; no need to keep the fleshy part of one's person around when the data part has already given consent

I Have Opinions about the fact that my university sent out this Google fishing expedition in a mass email

I also kinda want to sign up with a lasershark account to see how much of the rabbit hole is visible within the span of 15 minutes

"sign up with your facebook, google or email account for more information about your results"

I have figured out the fishy part

"before signing up, please agree to these terms and conditions"

what are they

"carte blanche to use your career info as provided or construed"

fishy indeed

"unfortunately, you did not provide enough information for us to sort you into one of our seven categories of dubious scientific provenance"

fair, seeing that I only ever pressed "next" to see what the questions were

"which of these positive keywords do you associate with your university?" this one of those surveys which asks strangely specific questions that are then used to say "x% of students thinks that..."?

"why did you pick your university?"

I note you do not include 'cus I live here' as an option

"in order to help employers utilize the best possible communication channels, we will now ask some questions about your use of communication channels"


"which channels would you prefer employers used when communicating with you?"

never talk to me or my many sons ever again

"this is the same list of employers you saw before. indicate which names are unfamiliar"


"which of these positive keywords do you associate with the employers you picked?"

what even is happening

"please pick you favorite potential employers"
[long list of seemingly random names]

"please answer this open-ended question"

what if I do the fishy career advice quiz
*clicks it*
"choose gender: male, female, trans"'re trying, at least

but if there's another election, and I don't run, I won't get less votes than last time :thaenking:

hold on
today is the thanksgiving day?
whataya know

oh, it's only it's black friday week
imagine that

whatever it is, there is a youtube of it

tfw you watch something for breakfast, and it ambiently end up being the legend of Fatslob in the context of Age of Empires 2

it is not only stranger than you suppose

I solved the skyrim memory glitch by playing the relevant part now, when it is actually snowing

hashtag create your own ancient memories