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Sargoth (livestream aspect)

let's watch a movie
*follows the recommendation on a Bulgarian movie torrent site*
it was 1x movie

either I got a discount, or I just ran off with someone else's pizza, which was slightly more expensive than the one I paid for
*thinks about the ethical implications at length*

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macross always have the biggest moods as the intros to their albums, and then it de-escalates

*looks at the dolar/SEK exchange rate*
this is madness
those are way too many non-dolars per dolar

Graeber's Bullshit Jobs is a nice, ironic bookend to this thesis

it's audit culture, but in reverse

Metadata for this audiobook:
this is accurate information
the entire book is in there

the faraway store
I should hop on ma bike and go to it

Past me saw Godspeed live

it was a good move, tbh

She Dreamt She Was a Bulldozer, She Dreamt She Was Alone in an Empty Field

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I understand and accept these new terms and conditions

*looks through list of mandatory changes*
this list is absolutely minuscule, when broken down to action points
*looks through list of changes which would improve the thesis but are not of make-or-break importance*
this does go on for quite some time; it's twice as long as the other list
*looks through the list of changes which could be done, but life is short so don't sweat it*
I'mma not sweat it


he also did not understand what I meant when I pointed out that this here thesis balances on a razor's edge between science and criticism

I think my humanities background is showing

*looks through the thesis comments*
there are indications that I am better at English than our dear prof

ain't that something

The second half of Pet Shop Boys' Back to Mine compilation is really good to just sit to

Me: maybe I should send an emal
Also me: but it's GDPR day, everyone's inboxes are likely to be overflowing
Also also me: I accept this rational reason to indulge this procrastinatory behavior

I wrote a master thesis in education
[time passes]
I wrote another one in sociology
[time passes]
I'm in the future now