"As Hellspong (2001) so aptly points out, the first difficulty for any researcher endeavoring to read documentation intended for practical use, is that it is intended for practical use. This does not always lend itself towards social scientists or historians arriving decades later being able to read said documentation with perfect clarity and full insight into the relevant aspects of the practice being documented therein."

tfw you read old documents

let's ignore the fact that this stems from the first master thesis, where I did not do the second part, and had to invent it out of whole cloth upon being asked to revise

fake it 'til you make it, kids

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a big advantage of having written five previous theses is that you can copy whatever you did in the previous ones. thus, this methodology chapter which begins with a high-falutin' reflection on what it means to do science, followed by a very concrete "okay, so this is what I did, step by step" section

Reading up on the next course module, I realize that one of the assignments is a perfect excuse to read one of my favorite pieces of technical documentation
that's right
the almost machine-written quality evaluation of student theses in the field of media studies, the very one I used to template my thesis in media studies

the way they introduce suburbia in Queen's Gambit is literally hell
the question is
how many would see it?

[new sim card arrives]
*plugs it in*
[no network detected]
huh, seems bad
*looks it up*
"You have to activate 3G for things to work"
oh yeah, I deactivated it in 2009
[it works now]

this book we are supposed to read
I have read most of the books it references?
this will become an interesting assignment

another crusade
I now have 35 prisoners
...suddenly, I realize the power of human sacrifice, and that replacing it with esoteric wisdom might not have been the most prudent of choices

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let's commune with the mystic divine spirits
*gets ill*
*gets pneumonia*
*gets radically mistreated by the court physician*


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if you combine being tribal with the Pursuit of Power religious tenet, creating titles becomes 100% free
tribals OP

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I like the idea of an Ancient Sage King uttering, with his dying breaths, the new tenets of a religion that will shape the lives of millions for centuries to come

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tfw you die with 7272 points of the 7250 required to reform the faith
it's kinda my bad

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tfw your character dies a month before being able to create an empire title, thus losing three quarters of said empire due to inheritance shenanigans

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how am I going to amass the massive amounts of faith necessary to reform the Norse faith?
*remembers all those catholic randoes that got sacrificed during the aforementioned crusade*
*looks at the piety meter for the first time in many moons*
that'd do it

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it takes a long, long time to win a defensive war against a crusade
for 3000 prestige, it's worth it

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