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Sargoth (livestream aspect)

a messianic moment:
the messiah might return at any time, so you'd better pay attention lest you miss it
sometimes you get stuck in an elevator, and that's what you're doing now, in this moment

I'm too tired to write this research review
part of the tiredness is not having written the research review

this might be some sort of dialectic going on

I had forgotten that the winter market is on this week

it was nice to see the streets, commonly empty filled with the vestiges of town life that modern city planning has worked so hard to erase

no mail today
or an acknowledgment that my last essay was sent in

university, stop ghosting me

fifteen hours of barely interrupted sleep later

I needed a slep

Me: ah yes, sleep, the divine state build into human bodies

Dream me: all writing is epistemically and ontologically ungrounded, and everyone just wings it as they go

Me: that's a scary thing to spring on someone unawares

I remember doing this back when I did these things

it was a long time ago now, tho

and the new, updated patreon page is live

with even more links

and slightly better copy

"patreon editor sargoth, the old one said it'd be completed in september"

kind of a low bar, I admit, but one tries

"Something magnificent and extraordinary (2018): An item-by-item exploration of the 1999 computer game Alpha Centauri. You did not know you wanted this treatise on just about every aspect of politics in science fiction, but here it is, gradually approaching the status of a completed book. (Having knowledge of the 1999 computer game Alpha Centauri is completely optional with regards to the reading experience.)"

this formulation is objectively better than the old one

all the longersky posts are stupid, and I love them so much

I should probably include some mention of "only source of income at the moment"

somewhere in there. at some point

what are some good posts I've written, I wonder

speaking of money situations, I really should update the links on the patreon page

they are many, but I've written better posts since when I chose 'em

*looks up the pound*
I remember it being 14:1
brexit has not been kind

Swedish student debts are funny. they are the same numbers as US debts

only, y'know, divided by eight, so it's not a soul-crushing burden that will follow you until your grandchildren inherits it