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Sargoth (livestream aspect)

best guess is that the connection that used to feed the front right speaker is fried. said speaker works fine when plugged into other outputs, and other speakers go mute when plugged into it

I am ever so slightly too tired to deal

would something as stupid as restarting fix it?

let's find out

*plugs the speaker into another plug*
[it works just fine]
alrighty then, this is promising

one of my speakers stopped working
this all seems very random

the link in the bibliography goes to the speedrun thesis, btw

ironically, the software the library uses to archive these things has a tendency to go the opposite of fast

this upcoming longersky is so stupid
I love it so much

how do I find the reference for this thing
is it in the internet history, where all other things are?
cause that seems like a place it'd be

Narrator: it was

speaking of things
I know what the next blog is going to be
it'll have 448 posts
and a bibliography

"mastodon user sargoth, who not just get an open source thing which does not require these recurring rigamaroles?"

inertia, basically

it's legit again

every time, it takes longer to remember how to redo it
I swear

my very legit word processor claims to be not legit
time to put on the hacker hat

I watched two seasons of something, but can't for the life of me remember what it was

this is a new experience

thing to do after having returned:
go buy noms
cuz I was away for two weeks, and thus do not have noms

I only read seven books whilst away

they were good books, tho, so I win

the first book on the List is a 600 page biography about the Inklings - Tolkien, Lewis and friends being literary buddies

to set the stage
then, the real anomalies begin

time to pack for the two week offline retreat
as the poet said:
time to go gentle into that good night