I need to dentist
good thing they open in an hour

[new sim card arrives]
*plugs it in*
[no network detected]
huh, seems bad
*looks it up*
"You have to activate 3G for things to work"
oh yeah, I deactivated it in 2009
[it works now]

this book we are supposed to read
I have read most of the books it references?
this will become an interesting assignment

another crusade
I now have 35 prisoners
...suddenly, I realize the power of human sacrifice, and that replacing it with esoteric wisdom might not have been the most prudent of choices

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let's commune with the mystic divine spirits
*gets ill*
*gets pneumonia*
*gets radically mistreated by the court physician*


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if you combine being tribal with the Pursuit of Power religious tenet, creating titles becomes 100% free
tribals OP

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I like the idea of an Ancient Sage King uttering, with his dying breaths, the new tenets of a religion that will shape the lives of millions for centuries to come

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tfw you die with 7272 points of the 7250 required to reform the faith
it's kinda my bad

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tfw your character dies a month before being able to create an empire title, thus losing three quarters of said empire due to inheritance shenanigans

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how am I going to amass the massive amounts of faith necessary to reform the Norse faith?
*remembers all those catholic randoes that got sacrificed during the aforementioned crusade*
*looks at the piety meter for the first time in many moons*
that'd do it

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it takes a long, long time to win a defensive war against a crusade
for 3000 prestige, it's worth it

*90 hours into Crusader Kings 3 & chill*
there's a mass action button for prisoners

80 hours into Crusader Kings 3, and I gotta say
I'm ready for the DLC

Past me: it's difficult to find people to grant titles to
Present me: did you know that there is a button literally titled "grant to", which lists everyone you can give the title to?

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dresden files, the minorest of spoilers 

I want my lab back
move your stuff

update on the library situation:
for some unspecified reason, I can now log in as a member of the public. for an equally unspecified reason, I also have access through the academic paywall to 2024

...seems legit, I will not question this state of things

for a moment, I wondered how to best listen to the new Dresden File, but then I remembered listening through the first fourteen books whilst playing Torchlight 2, so that's what I'mma do

Assignment:what do you think about this book?
Me: it is a very kantian book, although it does not describe itself as such. lemme take this here detour through the Critique of pure reason,

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