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Sargoth (livestream aspect)

A quick and dirty way to get me to write the rest of this chapter would be to simply begin publishing it from the beginning, and thus force me to be finished when time catches up with the material

this would cause the writing to be written from the wrong tendency, tho

a thousand words
'tis a good haul
if I keep this up, things will get to publishing within the soon

"given enough sustained lack of attention, any sufficiently existing body of knowledge becomes indistinguishable from science fiction."

but how can I make it more on the nose?

they are performing construction work across the street

at 7:45pm

something tells me they really want to be done with this job, and soon

I'm eight sections away from having a chapter
go go writing gadget

SMaX preview, Children's Creche Show more

SMaX preview, Children's Creche Show more

are you including another pointed jab at the americans, after already having gone through the whole deal with the statue of liberty?"

oh yes
can't have too many of those

"Any model of predicting the future would therefore have to include the effects of the model itself on the future predicted, which could become very convoluted very fast."

social systems, man

did I just add a random new Popper reference in this section that is already about Asimov?
you bet I did

oh hey, it's been weeks since I applied for more crippling student debt, I wonder how my application is going
*looks at it*
"We haven't even begun to review your application. It will take three to four weeks to make anything happen once we do"

is a surprisingly honest response

I wonder if the vinegar water managed to catch any fruit flies
*checks up on it*
I can report that the vinegar water indeed managed to catch a number of fruit flies

de Tocqueville sure likes a nice, healthy föreningsliv

this is a book that is not the Dresden Files, but close enough

close enough is good enough

*remembers last year's prime lesson*
fuck the 19th century

"what is the point of knowledge in a modern society?"
through the lens of 18th and 19th century social thinkers

apparently Kant's distinction between private and public reason will be a prominent feature of my 6k word essay on the learning goals of this course

seems about right

ancient home remedy:
a glass of water
add vinegar, and a drop of soap

leave at strategic places for the flies to drown in