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Sargoth (livestream aspect)

I look away for seven short years, and all my cousins have gotten married and kids and all that jazz


in other news I just sent two of my theses to an old English teacher

whilst also making sure to use the word "venerable" rather than "old" in the message

My theses have finally become open access


do I want to expand my audience?
I mean
I do want random folks to stumble upon it years and years from now, and read it with enthusiasm
does that count?

you sure get a lot of emails about expanding your audience when you start a new blog and fill it up with a month's worth of words

there is a certain completeness in tracing rationality all the way back to Plato (inspiration is a madness that overtakes you) and then move forward through Kant to Weber and Habermas

it's not strictly necessary, though. it could be done differently

but it'd be fun

meeting up with my peers brought focus back to dat thesis
the big question is not what to do; the question is how to go about doing it

the posts generate a peculiar kind of gravity, even though they have not been published yet

I did not expect that

tho I don't actually give their names

they're in the bibliography, which I haven't yet figured out how to publish

something to consider

"to boldly go"
no dude
plenty of folks have been here before
here are their names

I love that there is a 200 page strategy guide to Alpha Centauri, and that I link to it

"Another Shooting in Cowtown does not end up where you would think it would end up."

shooting being something you do with guns and cameras both

that was the first time I actually got to the bottom of bandit's twitter page

turns out there was indeed a learning period before settling on the weird twitter aesthetic we knew and loved

good thing I'm set until
*archive murmurs*
the Ides of March

I just realized
if I do not post anything else but the introduction, Something Magnificent And Extraordinary will become yet another of those online digital graveyard unfinished projects that curious future folks will stumble upon and wonder
what happened here

"how can a 1.6k word introduction not be an actual text?"

today was launch day
tomorrow will be the first actual text day