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Sargoth (livestream aspect)

[a smol prayer of gratefulness that I am not in the preparatory stages before a wedding]

if I ever do a wedding, it will either be the smolest you never saw, or a cyber extravaganza beyond the ken of mortals

there are no inbetweens

this movie
*stops watching after 30 minutes*
it was not that good

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*looks at weather forecast*
so the day begins with a breezy 24, and then steadily climbs up to 32, only to linger there for an ungodly amount of time

"fixed" might be too strong a word, given that the only problem was that the lights did not turn off automagically due to someone jamming an on-switch

but still
it was something no one else had bothered to look into before now, and I did
points to me

I fixed the lights in the basement

good work, me

to be sure, it has the redeeming quality of hosting all the fallout 2 files (unofficial patches foremost among them), but still

toxic waste can only be contained for so long

I stumbled upon a thread about No Mutants Allowed, the famous Fallout forum, and daym that place has not changed since it bashed Fallout 3 upon release for being in 3D is it even still online?

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there are always more ideas than time to actualize them

this particular idea has the advantage of being about something I've recently read, so it stands a good chance of seeing the light of screens

suddenly, an idea for an anomaly
*puts it on the pile*

my Banished town has a structural problem. all the jobs are in the east part of town, while all the homes are in the west

I have to rectify this situation. it is the only thing my energy levels will allow me

temperatures in the 30s are not conducive
to anything

what did I do today
*thinks back*
eat breakfast
*thinks more*
that about covers it

this one torrent is downloading at 200 bytes per second
I have faith tho
it will arrive