I managed to get lost tonight
it's rare, but it happens

shoutout to that one building which inexplicably gave a province access to the food market of an entire region, snowballing it into greatness, or even greater greatness if already great

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here's to hoping this will solve the centralization (not to be confused with CE) problem of previous versions, where one singular province could produce enough moneys to build up the infrastructure for an entire country.investing in said singular province was always more advantageous than in any other province

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'constructing buildings don't make the money disappear any more; it's now transferred to the people, who will use it to buy goods and services. which are now produced, both per province and per region'
sweet sweet music to my ears

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the MEIOU and Taxes dev diary makes it all sound like they're asymptotically approaching Vicky 2 levels of economic complexity, and
I do not disagree

A random marketeer sent a cold email warning about the dangers of birds

they are not wrong

tfw you play a roguelike, step on an altar and accidentally happen to be sacrificed to a dark god of chaos
as you do

they have been returned
a small portion of entropy has been defeated

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I need to return books to the library, and since it's closed it doesn't matter when I return them, so I might as well return them right now, at 3 am

I have, yet again, sent in an application to a PhD program

here's to hoping

A funny thing about Dewey is how his books have been translated and retranslated into Swedish so many times that their most recent incarnations are way, way more succinct and pithy than the original

when you go about finding an original quote, you often find its actually spread out over several sentences

I subtly flatter my dear university in this application by pointing out that those who choose to study here instead of at Harvard tend to know more than those people; with prestige follows shallowness, whilst our prestigeless institution fosters knowledge in all aspects of student life

I had a nightmare that I went back in time and had to recreate my theses from memory, whilst also for some reason being in a high school

I can't help but think it's a good thing I took the time to finish the civ thesis, lest its unfinishedness would have lingered at the back of my head forever

I accidentally took another three hour walk in the glorious post-DST evening light

I have to go return my I Ching book to the library. I have held it for the maximum amount of time, unfortunately

I wonder if anyone will be able to tell that I'll move over to the slightly less elegant English translation in upcoming posts

the university actually employed a new student counselor somehow?
I reckon they will have an interesting first day at work, seeing how campus is shut down

in a mere couple of hours, the third episode of westworld s3

things were different back at e1

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