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Sargoth (livestream aspect)

that moment in the Human Revolution intro walk and talk where they play the Unatco homage

goosebumps if you agree

this week:
pink floyd tribute band concert
general assembly thingy

'tis quite a week

I'm giving it until Wednesday before I write an email saying
"oi, it's been six weeks, what's the holdup?"

is Satisfactory 3D Factorio?
could the world handle it?

Things I do not know:
the difference between grads and undergrads

is tenure track a formal job description, or an informal position attained through a combination of formal employment and arcane informal backroom politicking

how do they work

I just remembered the patreon thesis methodologically set out to do something and then never did it

ach well
the past is all perfect anyway

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@Sargoth this is the edge of the city; behind these empty facades, there is nothing but an empty field. as if the city said "here, but no further"; the urban space ends at a 90 degree angle

it is a strange, strange place

ghost town is empty of ghosts; there hasn't yet been enough time for ghosts to settle. so it's all just empty

*looks through the accumulated pictures of various urban settings*

it is possible to see a definite progression throughout. I am becoming ever more able to take the same picture without variation several times in a row

this is a vital photographical skill, I reckon

that thing where development of the final HoMM game simply ended one day. almost mid-sentence

'tis history now, I suppose

I tried to figure out which Bach movement the HoMM2 Knight theme is based on, and now all my youtube recommendations are creepy videos for kids

I do not like this development, no I certainly do not

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me going into the store: aight, $50 is a substantial amount of moneys, better make 'em count

me in the store: they only cost $10 you say? pah! I've eaten pizzas more expensive than you! *takes two*

anyway, I've got headphones for the next four years now

if we squint a little and pretend patreon donations do not go directly into a fund (albeit a gradually growing one) specifically devoted to paying my internet bill, we could say this $50 expense is paid for by patrons

thanks, friends :3