Normal psuedoscience: eat lots of [vegetable] to cure caner (dumb, boring, doesn't work)
Fun psuedoscience: psilocybe cubensis was conscious and migrated from space to earth by navigating stellar winds to unite with humanity (cool, possible)

@sireebob Hopefully people will start to notice. We were once able to oust a former CEO who opposed same-sex marriage, although Mozilla voted on DRM as a recommendation for HTML5 standards and we couldn't stop that.

Considering migrating to Pale Moon although me having a smartphone complicates this a little. Pale Moon can save some technical hiccups if Mozilla decides to implement radical changes. #Mozilla #Firefox #capitalism #america #UnitedStates

@Ytrezar I use #Tor and #Icecat. Yes, they're both forks of #firefox, but they both actively provide actual security settings. (#Icecat also comes with some #addons that continue to function on mozilla websites!)

Just, WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT USE #WaterFox! It was bought by a #AdvertisingCompany in January

So. Mozilla Foundation is letting go of 250 people. I find this ironic considering the fact that the Executive Chairwoman and CEO of the Mozilla Foundation Mitchell Baker have been paid a total of 9 203 837 USD between the years 2012 and 2018 while they're begging for donations, because they're "non-profit" and they "rely on donations".

#Mozilla #Firefox

For serious, we probably only have eyes of the current quality because any mutation that would enhance our vision's quality would have other consequences; the gene's expression in other contexts of the body could potentially be negative. But still. Weird idea I had while very under the influence of cannabis

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Either it's puberty blockers for everyone until they're "old enough to decide" or every child should be presented their options at the age of 12 or so and allowed to choose the puberty of their choice. Anything else is bullshit.


I suspect the human being never evolved keener eyes because it would overwhelm the human spirit to have too much raw data. But I'm not smart enough to know.

someone please figure out how to make a ringtone that plays the bit from Paper Planes but with different random sound effects in place of the gunshot and cash register noise each time the phone rings

Mathematicians' style/fashion peaked with Leonhard Euler and everything has been downhill ever since

Not posting unless I have something interesting to say. Except this.


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