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[Update] Our Gitea instance ( is being updated to v1.4.0.

Also, a big thank you to @mig5, @way, @HedgeMage, @galooph, @sonya and @Troll for supporting us for all this time !

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[Maintenance] Updated, zero downtime.

[Maintenance] upgrade finished. Notify @KindlyFire if you notice any problems.

[Maintenance] We are updating Mastodon to v2.1.2 !

[Upgrade] Our Gitea instance has been updated from v1.1.2 to v1.3.2 (released 3 days ago). 

Important changes:
- Fix: FOUC (Flash Of Unstyled Content) on Firefox
- Feature: branch overview
- Feature: code/repo search
- Feature: repo activity page
- Feature: issue timetracking
- A lot more, see

[Upgrade] We will be upgrading our Gitea instance in a minute !

[Upgrade] We are upgrading Mastodon to v2.1.0 !

[Maintenance] We're going to have a few minutes of downtime while renewing our TLS certificate !

[Maintenance] Updating NextCloud to version 12.0.4.


All other services, except, were also affected. Everything is back to normal.

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Our Gitea instance, hosted on, is currently experiencing some turbulence.


[Maly] Due to high server load, registrations will be closed tomorrow until we migrate to a bigger one.

Approximated time of closing: 3pm

Maly is made possible thanks to your support ! If you use one of our services, consider donating on Liberapay or Patreon, links at the end of this toot. We currently need 8€ more every month to be sustainable.

Maly est rendu possible grâce à votre soutien ! Si vous utilisez un de nos services, considérez de donner un peu d'argent sur Liberapay ou Patreon. Pour l'instant, nous avons besoins de 8€ en plus par mois.


[Announcement] You can now create an account on our NextCloud instance for free !

Donations @

[Annonce] Il est maintenant possible de créer un compte sur notre instance NextCloud gratuitement !

Donations @

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