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This was supposed to be cross-posted, sorry, that didn't work:

We're having issues since yesterday due to a fiber cut at our ISP. Their network is heavily degraded and that is what's causing most issues last night/today. No proper solutions yet, as moving the data would require a working network either. So hang tight, sorry about this. <3

Aaand it happened again :(

Changing of ISP very very soon.

We're back! Sorry for the extended downtime-- some networking issues that took a while for our ISP to fix.

Hey! Users of!

Do you want to switch to Glitch-Soc instead of Mastodon? glitch is a fork of Mastodon with some nice features; see

Mise à jour de Mastodon!

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Inscriptions ré-ouvertes, les spambots devraient plus être capable de signup.

On est de retour. Problème chez notre hébergeur impactant le SAN "haute disponibilité"… pendant plusieures heures.

@seasharp it's been take care off :)

maintenance notice (today 13UTC~) Show more

🇺🇸 Mastodon Medias have been migrated this night. I'll probably migrate the database today or tomorrow, with a ~5-10 minutes downtime. I'll post a notice two/three hours before.

Have a great day on the fediverse!

🇫🇷 Les médias de Mastodon ont été migrés cette nuit. Je vais probablement migrer la base de donnée aujourd'hui et demain, avec un petit downtime de ~5-10 minutes. Je posterais deux/trois heures avant pour prévenir.

Bonne journée sur le fediverse !

🇺🇸 Hello! I'm the new “owner” of Maly, @href :) I do intend to keep as it was, and migrate every service to my own servers over the next weeks, starting with mastodon

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me :)

🇫🇷 Bonjour! Je suis le nouveau “propriétaire“ de Maly, @href :) Je compte garder Maly tel quel, et migrer les différents services sur mes serveurs dans les semaines qui viennent, en commencant par mastodon

N'hésitez pas à me contacter si vous avez des questions :)

Little note: I do not intend to renew our dedicated server after next month. This means I have to find someone to take it over in the next month, or else our services will shut down.

🇺🇸 I am looking for somebody to take Maly over.

🇫🇷 Je cherche quelqu'un pour reprendre Maly.

[Maly] I made available a new service: , a diaspora* instance. is one year and two days old ! 🎉

[Fix] Receiving notifications via mail now works again on our Mastodon instance.

[Update] Our Mastodon instance ( has been updated to v2.3.3. 🎉

[Update] Our Mastodon instance ( is being updated to v2.3.3, a hotfix update.

[Update] Our Gitea instance ( is updated to v1.4.0. 🎉