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I'm building a lending library for my mentees on stuff hacker culture doesn't generally teach well, such as organization, public speaking, business, and so on.

I'd appreciate good book/website suggestions to increase the list.

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Web browsers have been developed into complete operating systems in themselves just in time for the Internet to collapse forever. Perfect.

Few things feel as good as shipping a draft and knowing I can't do any more work until I hear back from the publisher. I get to just walk away from it for a bit.

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I'm currently trying to get an understanding of security for web fonts.

If you're like "This isn't a real problem", you probably don't know what an immense garbage fire technology is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I love getting patches like this one:

Very simple to write if you know a little bit of C and happen to run into a USB device which is not in the kernel's known device list yet. Every such patch makes it more likely that random devices people pick up in stores will "just work" with #OpenBSD.

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I'm a staunch supporter of the Oxford comma.

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I was wondering for a moment why someone I generally respect was posting some really unthinking BS...then I realized that another user had the same avatar.

I wish that user IDs were more visible in Tusky.

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So tired of the argument "if you're not like me, you don't get to have an opinion on this thing that might impact me...even if it also impacts you".

Everyone gets to have an opinion. I may think your opinion is idiotic (I certainly think the above opinion is idiotic), but you get to have it, and voice it.

When you start naming categories of people who aren't allowed to have or voice opinions on *anything*, I find it very hard to take you seriously.

Twitter is so weird. Just had to clear up that I can't SSH into random tanks: I had to talk an operator through accessing a local console via satphone.

So glad a loved one turned me on to Old Time Radio Player (Android app). Today's 7-hour drive was saner thanks to old radio plays from the 1940s playing at me.

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Tired of unauditable, highly-privileged firmware? Take a sneak peek at the upcoming Talos™ II POWER9 system! https://www.raptorcs.com/TALOSII/prerelease.php
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Product idea:
1. You give me keys to your snail mail post box
2. Every morning I go through all the ads and replace them with a single flyer that's tailored to only things of your interest.
3. While doing that I'm going to read your personal mail, to get better at preparing a flyer for you.

What do you think?

Outrageous? Still using gmail?

Interesting. I'm not really into WIMP (window, icon, mouse, pointer) interfaces, but if I were I might consider that. It's pretty.

Listening to old radio plays as background noise while I go over a protocol specification. Loving the set-ups for easy one-liners, e.g.

"Are you sure he's dead?"
"You try falling from a 12th story window sometime."

Very 1940s humor. :)

What's the best term for my office-at-the-office, the one in a building my employer owns?

"my work office" sounds weird, as I also work at my home office.

"My IU office" is unhelpful, because it leads others to expect me to be on main campus or have anything to do with the students or the university's infrastructure.

"My CACR office" is less awkward, but not everyone knows what CACR is.

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Dance like nobody is watching. Email like it'll be read aloud in a deposition someday.

Booting up my workweek thoughts:

1. It's amazing how much relationships can play a part in long-term career success. People, including engineers, who try to operate in isolation don't grow as fast as those who connect to others inside and outside their fields.

2. No plan, or budget, survives first contact with the enemy (or reality).

3. I get really excited when I meet people who dig into new things and overcome challenges without constant hand-holding.

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I saw someone today on IRC, earnestly arguing with a bot about opinions they seemed to think the bot held.

The bot was just remixing phrases it had observed in the channel and spitting them back out in a mostly-grammatically-correct manner.

I probably should have explained to the person exactly what was going on, but it was too fascinating to watch.