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Systemd has a bug where user names starting with a digit cause the user daemon to run with root privileges. According to the creator of systemd, this is not a bug and everything is fine. The reason everything is fine is because names like this, which are explicitly permitted by the base standards, are forbidden and tools shouldn't allow creating these names, so it's a bug in the tools for permitting names permitted by the standard.

Fsck systemd.


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Inane Productivity Update Show more

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Reading https://www.win.tue.nl/~aeb/linux/hh/hh-10.html I'm becoming more and more convinced that it's foolish to have the security of a system depend on processes not containing vulnerabilities. There's simply too much attack surface. An approach where the interface between processes and the rest of the system is reduced to a minimum seems more sensible.

So proud of my son, who's started this awesome blog to promote his new : bloomingtonbees.com

Having new office cubbies to organize some of my stuff makes me very happy.

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Wish i could search messages..someone mentioned how systemd wasn't all that bad.

Experienced voices say it is.. its a single point of failure. Its overly complex and its not "the unix way" or a proper K.I.S.S. implementation.


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Are We Headed for a Solar Waste Crisis? - Solar panels create 300 times more toxic waste per unit of energy than do nuclear power plants.

Last November, Japan’s Environment Ministry issued a stark warning: the amount of solar panel waste Japan produces every year will rise from 10,000 to 800,000 tons by 2040, and the nation has no plan for safely disposing of it.


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BOFH excuse #427: network down, IP packets delivered via UPS
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Any machine is a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough.

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I got a recruiter email for a 6 week contract to migrate a hospital from Windows XP, which is a great way to find out which hospital you should never go to

I am seeking a list of epic programming related jokes. Suggestions appreciated.

One of the best things about being a parent is having a built-in excuse for all the stupid movies you want to watch despite being an adult.

(Follow Friday) because @simonv3 suggested that it might help people find others to follow...

@KindlyFire very awesome admin of malyi.o
@BradyDale: tech reporter, posts infrequently
@consentacles & @KatamariChaos: awesome admins of freehold.earth -- both post infrequently
@craigmaloney: FOSS geek, pretty laid back
@daemoneye: FOSS geek worth following

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@HedgeMage kind of sounds like Mastodon should really pursue the whole #ff Follow Friday thing a bit more. I know there's awesome people on here who could challenge my thinking, but they can be tricky to find.

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Business idea:

Get a roll of those Anti-theft RF tags that Barnes and Noble puts in their books.

Put some mystic designs on them.

Sell them for $$ with the claim that they balance your energy.

The proof: whenever you walk through the entryway of a store you'll know your energy is in balance because you'll be giving off an energy signature that those detectors are attuned to.

"It's the same problem that zen monks have at airports with metal detectors."

Feel free to run with this idea.

In case it was unclear: that was not venting, it was a request for suggestions!

I need to find more people to follow, people who do cool things, or are working toward same, and toot about it. Ambitious peeps apply here!

I recently unfollowed those who filled my home feed with 1) bitching about things they don't intend to fix 2) repeated political tribal signalling (as opposed to political discourse intended to engage others) and 3) inane updates about their daily routines (I don't care what time you have coffee or where you're driving to). Come on folks you can do better!

Such a dreary morning, until I found an anonymous present at my office door. 🤓 maly.io/media/G1XSC_ipLocgKK_s

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TIL that Mastodon doesn't currently email admins whenever someone files a report. If you're an admin, you might want to check the settings to see if your users have been asking you for help.