Does anyone know whether is blocking ? I tried to follow-back a friend from the former (I am on the latter) and it is failing on a 503.

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Many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data even if you’ve used a privacy setting that says it will prevent Google from doing so. Unacceptable.

I popped back onto social media after a long break, needing to touch base with some folks after my phone broke. 

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"With the rise of self-driving vehicles, eventually there will be a country song about a truck leaving a guy, too."

I popped back onto social media after a long break, needing to touch base with some folks after my phone broke. 

request for communication advice 

request for communication advice 

@BradyDale I'd be happy to be your technical SME if you need help sorting through the info once you have it. It *could* be something cool, naively presented. I just don't have enough information to know.

@BradyDale Hey there. I still peek on occasionally. I probably should more. Regarding OSCOIN, I've read both the medium article and their site, but neither provides a meaningful amount of information on the mechanisms proposed. This makes me *very* skeptical. Trying to garner attention based on intentions alone, without specifying methods, is at best a sign of inexperience and naivete, and at worst an attempt to distract from issues with the methods.

@kindly I do on rare occasion, thanks for the heads-up.

@sadpotato Deletion is still a manual process for us. You'll have to PM @KatamariChaos and ask them to get it rolling for you (there will be an email confirmation involved).

@frankiesaxx Our reference librarian was awesome... I should post the blog post I started to write about the fight she went through for me over The Art of Computer Programming (back when it was still a trilogy).

@frankiesaxx I'd read everything in my tiny local library by the time I was 11 or so. We had an inter-library loan system, but other libraries looked down on us for being a poor, illiterate area and often wouldn't loan books to us even when they were contractually obligated to.

I nearly cried when I discovered Amazon (I was 13 or 14). It was the first time I had real access to books.

@frankiesaxx Honestly, they have some corners of severe dysfunction, but no more than is probably inevitable in an organization that size. On the whole, I think they do more good than bad, especially taking into account the things that they've given isolated and disadvantaged parts of America access to for the first time. I wouldn't be willing to work there, but as a consumer I'm a fan.

@frankiesaxx I'll second that and pile on:

Amazon is amazing, stop whining. Only rich neighborhoods ever had bookstores; poor, uneducated places can't sustain them. I couldn't buy books before Amazon because I couldn't afford to get an adult to drive me that far.

By the time I was a parent, I lived in places that had bookstores and came to hate them. They stocked the kids' section with toys and distractions that kept reluctant readers from reading, so where's the experience I came to buy?

@lnxw37a1 @BradyDale @maiyannah I'm told that you can now avoid that, but how many normal non-technical people know this is something they should watch for and avoid? That's not good enough.

@BradyDale Please don't encourage people to try keybase! Unless they've reformed themselves, they still encourage users who probably don't know better to upload their private keys, which is a HUGE security risk. They're called private keys for a reason.

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