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Medtronic's 20-year-old PB840 ventilators are workhorses, but the company has used DRM to prevent repairs by third parties. Controlling repair gives medtechs monopolist two benefits:

1. They can charge higher-than-market rates for repairs and extract "certification fees"; and

2. They can declare some units irreparable, forcing customers to junk and replace them.


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"This is your problem, not reality's, and the sooner you realize the happier you will be."

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"You have this bizarre idea that doing whatever you want whenever you want should work in reality, when reality requires a perfectly simple case of doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done." ...

Cars are often much better documented than lawnmowers, and have better parts availability. Just a thought.

I'd consider finding something in budget with those qualities far more important that size... Then have a knowledgeable friend help locate an example with "good bones" (low/no frame rust, etc)

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uspol protests hilarious actually 

@nutt@redroo.ml My brain is segfaulting... Bad input...

An older acquaintance asked me to help her use a nonprofit website. The front page was readable to her, but any search for our local area returns results in a language she can't read.

The search algorithm thinks "a" is a suffix. It removed it, changing all searches for "Indiana" into "Indian". She was getting results from India.

I dropped their webmaster a note. PSA: please don't roll your own search algorithm if you don't have cause to.

Does anyone know whether octodon.social is blocking maly.io ? I tried to follow-back a friend from the former (I am on the latter) and it is failing on a 503.

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Many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data even if you’ve used a privacy setting that says it will prevent Google from doing so. Unacceptable. apnews.com/828aefab64d4411bac2

I popped back onto social media after a long break, needing to touch base with some folks after my phone broke. 

@marsxyz Ahh, I had not realized that more things had actually migrated over. Such a nicer protocol!

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"With the rise of self-driving vehicles, eventually there will be a country song about a truck leaving a guy, too."

I popped back onto social media after a long break, needing to touch base with some folks after my phone broke. 

I learned that:
* Twitter is way too full of rage-fairy-ism. I wasn't imagining it.
* Ostatus is better, but not perfect, in this regard.
* I have too many communications channels. I forgot where to find some people, and some of mine were so disused that people started ignoring them.
* My phone is annoyingly central to my getting things done. Not entirely a SPOF, but close.

request for communication advice 

@verity It would probably also help to let her know that her exclusion from the original decision process was a failure of planning/communication/whatever rather than out of malice. She may not know if you really value her opinions/needs right now.

request for communication advice 

@verity 1) Apologize for not including her in the decision, not for the decision. It doesn't matter whether the decision was right or wrong.

2) The three of you should make a plan for decision-making on things that impact the household so all have a chance to be included, then stick to it.

3) Test that process by using it to revisit original decision with the input of all.

@BradyDale I'd be happy to be your technical SME if you need help sorting through the info once you have it. It *could* be something cool, naively presented. I just don't have enough information to know.

@BradyDale Hey there. I still peek on occasionally. I probably should more. Regarding OSCOIN, I've read both the medium article and their site, but neither provides a meaningful amount of information on the mechanisms proposed. This makes me *very* skeptical. Trying to garner attention based on intentions alone, without specifying methods, is at best a sign of inexperience and naivete, and at worst an attempt to distract from issues with the methods.

@kindly I do on rare occasion, thanks for the heads-up.

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