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@HedgeMage Hey are you still on here? Is this still a thing?

what do you think about this ICO? medium.com/@BlueYard/oscoin-fe Relevant to that story I did about your talk a long time ago

HedgeMage @HedgeMage

@BradyDale Hey there. I still peek on occasionally. I probably should more. Regarding OSCOIN, I've read both the medium article and their site, but neither provides a meaningful amount of information on the mechanisms proposed. This makes me *very* skeptical. Trying to garner attention based on intentions alone, without specifying methods, is at best a sign of inexperience and naivete, and at worst an attempt to distract from issues with the methods.

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@HedgeMage fair
Trying to get more detail

Startups can be weird

@BradyDale I'd be happy to be your technical SME if you need help sorting through the info once you have it. It *could* be something cool, naively presented. I just don't have enough information to know.