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HedgeMage @HedgeMage

I'm building a lending library for my mentees on stuff hacker culture doesn't generally teach well, such as organization, public speaking, business, and so on.

I'd appreciate good book/website suggestions to increase the list.

@HedgeMage Getting Things Done by David Allen. Also "Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" as an intro to mindfulness and not taking things too seriously. Also liked Focus by Leo Babauta but it's a little dated.

@craigmaloney Thanks. The first was on the list already, but not the others.

@HedgeMage There's a newer edition of the Getting Things Done book that is a little bit better organized. Not sure which is in your library, but if it mentions PDAs then it's the earlier edition. :)

@hedgemage It's perhaps a little left field but Lessons Learned in Software Testing is a pretty good book to get context on what testing really is, something programmers tend to be ignorant about. I'm a bit biased since I'm partly a tester, but learning a bit about testing is learning a bit about lisp, it can give you a broader perspective on problems.