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HedgeMage @HedgeMage

What's the best term for my office-at-the-office, the one in a building my employer owns?

"my work office" sounds weird, as I also work at my home office.

"My IU office" is unhelpful, because it leads others to expect me to be on main campus or have anything to do with the students or the university's infrastructure.

"My CACR office" is less awkward, but not everyone knows what CACR is.

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@HedgeMage I suspect I'd drop the "work" and just call it the "office", to disambiguate it from the "home office" which is a more commonly-used term.

When someone who has a real, working office in their home says "I'm going to go into the office", I assume they mean a work-owned building.

@zigg That was my previous convention, but it seems to cause confusion more often than I like.