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owo Millie Weaver making zombies think for once.

Still not installing it onto my desktop nor my old laptop (which is now my linux box for those shenanigans. Better driver support.)



Microshit: oh, you want to have more control over windows 10? Pay up 200 and we still keep tracking on.
Me: Ok, but im gonna turn it off anyway
Microshit: Hey Apple, hold my beer.
Microshit proceeds to fuck up the install, break discord installs, and keep files from being removed from an external drive

... Oh the shit i go through just to have 1 machine for gaming natively on winshit.


Was going through that ruleset of yours.

"5. No avocation of violence, hate, discrimination or xenophobia."

I'm guessing I'd be booted just for criticizing Islam and those who carry out Allah's will.

@BryanLunduke maly.io/media/AnkCeZRU9Jxl36p-

I started running POP! on my desktop at home. need to reinstall my other 8GB of ram though.

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Rip. Burned our the data lanes on the only microUSB port on that tablet

@BryanLunduke kind of want to start looking into setting up a MUD like Alter Aeon :P

maly.io/media/jrB0d1vpOLbbV4rR needed something to do at work since i got dragged in, installed 2048 on my home PC, SSH via my phone. worth. @BryanLunduke

I kinda got bhodi linux working on one of those NuVision tablets that ran windows 10.specifically the TM800W610L . was able to work fine minus bluetooth and wifi (because it's one of the intel atom xtrail cpus) need to keep searching to see what boots. @BryanLunduke

@BryanLunduke know of any good domain registrars that arent google that i can transfer to?

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