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@BryanLunduke maly.io/media/AnkCeZRU9Jxl36p-

I started running POP! on my desktop at home. need to reinstall my other 8GB of ram though.

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Rip. Burned our the data lanes on the only microUSB port on that tablet

@BryanLunduke kind of want to start looking into setting up a MUD like Alter Aeon :P

maly.io/media/jrB0d1vpOLbbV4rR needed something to do at work since i got dragged in, installed 2048 on my home PC, SSH via my phone. worth. @BryanLunduke

I kinda got bhodi linux working on one of those NuVision tablets that ran windows 10.specifically the TM800W610L . was able to work fine minus bluetooth and wifi (because it's one of the intel atom xtrail cpus) need to keep searching to see what boots. @BryanLunduke

@BryanLunduke know of any good domain registrars that arent google that i can transfer to?

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I'm the version of me (if multiverse theory exists) that didn't die today.

woo, less than 30 min til my shift is over. Ready to marry my bed as soon as i get home.


Almost leaked my IP .-. @BryanLunduke but yeah, great writeup on nextcloud on marksei.com for setting it up with ubuntu server. Have it running in a VM on my workstation with the image set to a storage drive. maly.io/media/G335GtIAMEFL3xDD

@BryanLunduke have you looked into the taxation side of LBRY yet? (likely treated the same as bitcoin for the US)

tfw you need to go to bed but TradeWars on @BryanLunduke 's BBS is calling your name out in the void of space.