Nobody shoot me in the face but sometimes I suspect that maybe Jordan Peterson doesn't reflect some horrible totalitarian inevitability i kno i kno


You may have heard about all the regulatory uncertainty around initial coin offerings in the U.S. ()
There's always nuances to these stories, and here's one: regulators have hardly talked to the people running these businesses at all. They are only talking to their lawyers.
One company sent its CEO though:

My face is back.
Life update:
I am a crypto reporter at CoinDesk now

There's no question that what this company Ready is doing is super cool. How awesome would it be for young engineers-to-be to be able to make their different toy robots play together?
Pretty awesome! But I have some doubts that a closed source OS will rule this particular roost:

This is a comic I did out of nostalgia for the movie MONSTER SQUAD, which I thought the apex of all cinema in the 8th grade.
Sadly, by the way, the actor who played the husky kid from this very famous scene died shortly after finishing college. Bummer story I discovered while going back to research this scene a bit.

I used to draw about this walking talking television, named TV. Here's one of the old classics from my long deleted site.

I have always thought Stoya was super interesting.

Y'know... intellectually.

This is a powerful profile about her whole career (but it centers on a disturbing story about her fallout with James Deen)

Photo: @jimi_photog on Flickr / CC

I need to get back to work but I guess I should post a on this instance so you guys know it's really Brady Dale, New York City tech reporter.


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