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Brady Dale ✅ @BradyDale

This company wants to make encrypting people's data easy, whenever entrepreneurs are ready to build services securely:

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@BradyDale Please don't encourage people to try keybase! Unless they've reformed themselves, they still encourage users who probably don't know better to upload their private keys, which is a HUGE security risk. They're called private keys for a reason.

@maiyannah @hedgemage @bradydale It was automatic when I tried #Keybase. If you followed the instructions, your privkey was uploaded. Which is why I closed my Keybase account and killed the gpg for that e-mail account.

@lnxw37a1 @BradyDale @maiyannah I'm told that you can now avoid that, but how many normal non-technical people know this is something they should watch for and avoid? That's not good enough.

@HedgeMage @lnxw37a1 @maiyannah I get the argument, but I can’t help but be sympathetic to Keybase’s take. That a largely encrypted world with weaker security is better than today’s completely unencrypted world.
But as I recall they don’t actually hold the private keys. I think I address this in my story?