My editor asked me today if I was going to follow election 🗳️ news as it came in.

I said: "Oh yes. My laptop is up and my window is open."

Memo to founders:
No reporter wants an image of your dumb logo.

I do not feel good about the last 24 hours.

Nobody shoot me in the face but sometimes I suspect that maybe Jordan Peterson doesn't reflect some horrible totalitarian inevitability i kno i kno

So I love communications technology but it really is quite ugly
So I think I am gonna draw it more, weirdly

The fun challenge here was sorting out what to leave out and what was key

Does anyone have a Pinebook they don’t really use and want to sell? #Linux

Here's a thing I've learned: when a shitstorm of outrage is raging across social media
I STFU and wait and see how it shakes out

For your consideration:
Manbuns are mullets for hipsters

A lot of people seem to want to piss me off today but you’re all welcome to 🛑


Reflections on the end of the Oklahoma teachers' strike from a guy who has run a lot of buses full of protesters to a state capital building way too many times:

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