I'm just wondering, if Mozilla keeps talking so much about taking your privacy seriously, that you need to stay secure and private on the internet, then why do they have settings that they could use to track you enabled by default? Don't make no sense.

Also if people bash Brave so much, then why is it the browser that doesn't? I have to admit I didn't do thorough research here, but it does indeed appear that way. Am confused.

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@talon I use (and love) Brave. It's basically the Google Chrome for mentally-functioning people. I guess people hate Brave because of their BAT token.

Justified? No. But it's always cool to hate on things just for the sake of it.

@0x07 i think People also hate on it because of Brendan and awful things he did. But as it stands I also still use that browser because it works, it actually keeps quiet about what I do, and it doesn’t yell at me for not using the attention tokens so that’s ok with me.

@0x07 i guess people also hate on it for using chromium, but if everyone did the “rignt” thing and used FireFox then we would have the same problem except with Mozilla having the monopoly instead of Google.

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